Big Mutha Truckers is the latest game from Eutechnyx, the award-winning developer of such titles as Le Mans 24 Hours, 007 Racing and Max Power Racing.

So the story sits like this as one of Ma Jackson's four kids, its up to you to take your rig out on the road and make as much cash as possible - by any means possible - in sixty days. Beat your siblings and Ma will hand over the reins of the business to you.

Players make cash by trading various commodities in the five cities that make up Hick State County, by taking on special jobs (some legal, some not so legal), by wagering with other rival drivers and by causing as much chaos as possible!

Big Mutha Truckers is a unique, open-ended gameplay experience, offering players full freedom to explore Hick State County, find their own route to success and screw over their family as they battle to be the Biggest Mutha Trucker in the county!

Bit of a mouthful but its not a bad game, in the style of crazy taxi but a little bit more variety of mission, the game also includes and develops an element of vigilante 8's humour, an element of driver in places but the best part is the del boy style feel to the selling of goods, its up to you to establish the best way to travel and transport your goods, which destination is likely to be the most profitable, it may pay less but its closer so you can get another run in, remember your playing against time, opponents and profit here! as well as the law!

graphically the game is impressive, the physics of the trucks is very well executed and you can easily jack knife it , other cars will blare horns, flash lights and attempt to get out of the way and the levels are huge! the highways are very realistic and the levels are fairly self explanatory, although a little confusing to understand at first, roads arn't clearly identified and your route isn't always clear...

along the way you'll get interest from police and biker gangs as well as other truck drivers depending on how well or badly you drive. There's a lot of similarities can be drawn to burnout in this respect, crash's and serious accidents will clock up your totals and wanted levels for silly driving.

Your truck can be customised with different parts, to prolong fuel, increase speed, give more damage to others while reducing your own, things like that, they vary from pull in to pull in, and cost some serious money.

The soundtrack is good starting with some classic rock from steppenwolf and progressing into redneck stereotypes and some variations along the way. it keeps well in fitting with the game, its styled well and works!

Big mutha Truckers is one of those games that will amuse while not frustrating, its not the worlds greatest game realistically so the comedy side and angle works well, I like it, its nothing too serious but it had me addicted and laughing along while i played cletus the slack jawed yokel.