The Tweakers Asylum have just done posting a new "off beat" review of the Panasonic KX-TG2553B 2.4 GHz Gigarange Extreme cordless phone. Heres a bit from the intro:

    "Intel has hit 2.0 GHz! Childs play... AMD is smoking at 1.4 GHz! Is that IT?!? Panasonic has them all beat! Their KX-TG2553B 2.4 GHz Gigarange Extreme cordless phone has been running smoothly at 2.4 GHz for quite some time now. OK, enough kidding aside. I, like many electronic enthusiasts am passionate about all forms of technology, even cordless phones.

    Panasonic has always been at the forefront of the cordless telephone market. Not only have they managed to throw the latest technology into their cordless phones but they have also released some of the most aesthetically pleasing ones as well."