French developer Oiko Entertainment and publisher Vivendi used ECTS 2001 as a stepping stone to announce Dinoz, a wacky team-based sports game for the PlayStation 2. Dinoz is currently only 20% complete, but EuroGamer has still posted a preview of the game from the code that was on show. Here's a snippet:

    "The speaker at the Vivendi presentation described the game as "wacky team sport and action", but at its heart lies some very complex artificial intelligence programming. Through collaboration with MASA Oiko have produced DirectIA; a motivation-based decision engine. This allows them to give each of their Dinoz a "best trade off philosophy". So Dinoz make decisions for themselves based on what they have to achieve and the various forces at work. Presumably this means that even if a pass is on, they may think better of it if they spy a gap in the play."