Final Fantasy VII. What more can be said of this after such a warm reception on the Sony machine? but after the hype and at its PC debut, we have another chance to look at the "Best Game Of All Time."

When first installed you notice that the background graphics have had no alterations or tweaks to allow for the higher resolution of a PC monitor. In fact, the only difference seems to be the polygonal representations of the characters which now benefit from a 3D card. Wow.

With the graphical side falling through you start to notice other faults which perhaps you may have been willing to ignore such as the slightly repetitive (and cheesy) music and quite possibly, the linear style of gameplay once the main quest starts going. In all fairness though, this is not a fault of the translation: it has been the same on the Playstation, the only difference is perhaps, the PC owner likes a little more than a good story.

All is not lost though. The game may not have been improved at all, but it is still the "Best Game Of All Time" surly? well, no again. The sad fact is that this game is now over 2 years old and with inarguably better games (Technically) being released such as Quake II or Unreal, the only thing really that pulls its weight is the quality of the story.

You see, there are so many plot twists and turns in the story that at many points of the game you are forced to wait to see what happens next! It really is very unpredictable! and To add to the detailed storyline, is quite possibly the best character writing ever seen in a computer game. To give an example of this, there is one point of the game there is an incident that is so shocking, that you want to believe it didn't happen! But it does and I still can't believe they could make such a build up only to kill off a key character...

To sum up Final Fantasy VII, I would say that whilst not quite living up to the hype, it is a very engrossing piece of entertainment that is quite easily accesable and fun to play.