Electronic Arts Sports game division just don't seem able to stop churning out game after game after game, on seemingly any platform. As per-usual THQ are the distributors, and this time it's the turn of American Football. Just in case any of you guys/gals aren't too sure what American football is, well basically think of Rugby but then think of a load of complete fairies playing it because they having to be all covered in cotton wool, and safety padding just in case they chip a nail, or their hair goes out of shape, : ). Seriously though, I don't have much knowledge or experience in NFL, but I'll give it my best shot.

Madden 2000 has five playing modes, Quick Start, Exhibition, Sudden Death, New Season, New Playoffs. In Quick Start mode you begin a standard game with two randomly selected teams, one of which you play with, and the other against. The Exhibition game is like the quick start, but you get to choose both teams. In this mode you have the choice of all of the NFL teams, and even the All Madden team, (which is nice, I guess). Sudden Death is similar to exhibition, but is played from overtime where the first team to score wins the game. New Season mode is similar to a league mode for a normal football game, you get to play through an entire season, with whichever team you choose. As with league games the team with the most wins/points at the end of the season wins the league. New Playoff mode is a knockout tournament where a pre-selected number of teams battle it out to find who is the best.

The graphics and sound with Madden 2000 were ok, but not anything special, there isn't much else to say about them really. The playing view is a birds eye view, much the same a Total Soccer 2000, (check out the review!), but not a nice looking or as smooth and flowing. As with most gameboy games, a password system is used to save you progress through seasons, playoffs, etc.

Apart from never really completely understanding what the hell was going on, the main gripe I had with this game was that it just doesn't flow well, as soon as you get the ball someone tackles you, and you have to choose you set up again. It's not really a fault of Madden 2000, but more of a general problem with the sport itself, although you can never trust an American to do anything right can you, (joke!). One thing I did like about Madden 200 though, was for a complete NFL ignoramus like me, it is quite easy to pick up the basics of the game and have a go, even if some of the terms used are a bit confusing. This was aided by things such as the game itself selecting what it thinks is the best play style. Although you always think that the game is going to try and screw you over by not selecting the best play style as default, then win when if finds a big gap in your defence. (Well it makes me feel better thinking that anyway).

If nothing else about this game, I did learn a bit more about what the hell NFL is, although I still think that any half decent rugby team would kick an American Football team's ass, black and blue. As with many games, this one is carried along by having some famous sporting bloke on the front, I don't know if Madden ever was a NFL player or if he was always just a commentator, but having him in the game doesn't really add anything extra to it. If you like NFL then this is probably the best game for you on the Gameboy, but if you don't or don't mind either way, I doubt it will keep you enthralled for long.