Well the story is just to beat all the other bikers to come 1st and become the best in the world and win lots of cups and things.

Well the playstation isn't short of racing titles in fact there's tons of them. Personally I find sports and sports games as interesting as watching paint dry, but obviously a lot of people do like them judging how well they sell.

This is quite unusual for a Playstation title, as it's a motorbike game. The only other motorbikes on the Playstation where Road Rash 3d which was awful compared to the Megadrive original and motor cross which is an off road motorbike game.

First thing that strikes you is that it's a simulation based on real people much like the F1 serious. There is quite a few options like tyre wear, laps etc but I recommend you turn the brake assist of as it takes the corners for you, using this I was able to come 1st every race on my first go. Another thing I didn't like there was no commentary, for the races or telling you what direction to take corners which is the norm for racing games these days. Game play is the same as about our racing game such as F1, Outrun, Toca 1/2 etc, except you're on a bike. The only difference I could tell between simulation and arcade is the tyres wears and you do a lot more laps, other then that the bike gets harder to control as well. Arcade mode is just so easy it , gets boring quickly I came first every time without even trying

The bike doesn't handle to well as first but after a while you get used to the controls and it gets easier, probably as the computer takes the corners for you making it impossible to crash removing any challenge. As I mentioned earlier you have the option of steering and breaking assist that makes the controls a lot easier. The other thing to take into account being a bike game it easier to overtake the other riders as bikes are smaller then cars. The other riders do get slightly more aggressive on the higher levels and try to stop you from passing, but on rookie it just way to easy. There are a few other options that are totally pointless and add nothing to the game.

Both the graphics and sounds are to be kind average, the graphic are really grainy and the roadside is just really bland the FMV intro, looks nice but as far as I am concerned is totally pointless there's no nice effects like rain or fog either. Sound wise is just the standard engine drone, that gets annoying quickly and break noises with a lack of speech or commentary. Obviously every racing game is going be compared to Ridge Racer Type 4 which in my opinion is 1 of the best playstation racing titles. To the sum the graphic and sound up totally below average it looks and sounds dated.

A run of the mill racing game if you like motorbike racing games you probably like it as it's the only one of its kind. There are a lot of much better racing games on the playstation so you be better of going for one of them. If you really want a motorbike game buy a megadrive with super hang on it's a much better game than this and the graphics look nicer. So there you have it the only game of its kind on the playstation and its awful.