I'm sure that by now, everyone has heard of Resident Evil 2. The game originally started off on the PSX, but now has made it's mark on the N64's shelf. I think the game is amazing and will sell itself! Zombies, monsters, blood, guts, guns and puzzles... what more could you possible ask for in this edge of your seat blood fest?!

Here's how the story goes...

In this normally quiet Town, somewhere in the mid-west of the U.S.A big Corporation arrived. As soon as it did, trouble began! Rumours started to spread, and strange creatures began to appear out of nowhere. There was also a serious accident at a local mountain lab, which soon spread to the townspeople. In an effort to calm the local fears about what was going on, the Racoon police department recruited some new officers. Leon S. Kennedy was one of the new recruits. After having no luck contacting the captain who hired him, he continued into Racoon City unfazed, to start his new job. At the other side of town, an extremely distraught Claire Redfield begins her search for her missing brother, in his last known location, Racoon City. She soon finds out about the accident in the forest, and wonders if he is still alive! Little, do the poor fools realise the mayhem and carnage they are about to be thrown into!!

This is the kind of game where you kill, or be killed! In Resident Evil 2, You basically run around Killing zombies, monsters, and all sorts of creatures! you also need to solve quite a lot of puzzles/tasks in order to get further into the game. This really is an edge of your seat kind of a game! I think that the team behind resident Evil 2 have perfectly combined the Graphics music and sound effects to bring you a game which should make you jump right out of your skin! ...quite a lot!

This really isn't the kind of game where you can run around like a complete loony with all guns blazing, and expect to survive until the end! Nope, you really must combine brawn and brains in this game! You need to know when to shoot, when to run, and whether you pick something up right away or leave it for later? you can't afford to be carrying stuff you don't need right away. You could be carrying something which might mean the difference between life and death. Incase you were wondering, for added effect this game is compatible with the Rumble and Expansion paks.

Here's a brief outline on how to guide your way through the menu options... There are three main options. These are: Load game, New game, Option. The basic controls on the menu screen are: The A button for selection, The B button for going back to the previous screen and the analogue for moving up and down. If you select a new game You will get the choice of having Normal or Easy for your difficulty. After selecting the difficulty, you have the choice of going as Leon or Claire. You can then choose whether you want original or randomizer mode. As far as I can tell, randomiser sticks stuff like bullets and Zombies etc, in different locations and in different numbers to what you would expect on original. Just as you get used to the game, you try randomizer and you'll soon be in for a surprise! :) You can even select how you would like the violence to be in the game. Either, Low Medium or High. It's your call! You also have the choice of Blue Green or Red blood. So, what do you think now eh?

Unfortunately, I've only seen the game without the memory Expansion. So I can't tell you what it performs like when the N64 has one! I can still tell you what it's like without. Without the Expansion pak, the graphics are pretty much the same as the PSX. Except it's been slightly smoothed for that typical Nintendo style! The same goes for the sound. It's also as good as the PSX, definitely CD quality! That is until you hear some of the fmv! The only small problem is the character speech on all the fmv. Its slightly dodgy, not quite as good as the PSX but still good, all the same! I suppose you could say it sounds a little bit rough around the edges whenever someone talks. The other parts to the fmv is fine. Well, we are dealing with a cartridge and not a cd... After a while you might not even notice the difference! I wouldn't let this put you off though, this is still an outstanding title, which should be able to easily compete with the PSX version! Every other piece of music and sound effect is perfectly ok and sounds as good, if not better than the PSX version! For maximum effect, if you can, link your N64 up to a hi-fi because I think you'll find it's amazing with stereo sound! The graphics and sound combine to make, what I think is an extremely nice game. At the end of the day, it's up to you!

I personally think, Resident Evil 2 is one of the scariest games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I say this because even though I've played this before on the PSX, it still made me crap my self the first time I played the N64 version!:) Those damn zombies just have a habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it! I only wish I had the memory expansion because I know it's gonna be even better. If that is at all possible. This game must be pretty scary and violent because it has a 15 certificate! After playing both versions of the game, I can quite easily say that I really do prefer this version of the game!