Personally, I recon that MK Trilogy is the best of all the MK games (which are all amazing!). As the story goes, 1000's of years ago an order of wise monks from the far east received visions of a dark realm known as Outworld. It was a world ruled by chaos and a vicious emporer known as Shoa Khan. They learned that some day, travel between realms would become possible. Knowing that an Outworld invasion was imenent, these wise men appealed their elder gods. It was for this reason that Mortal Kombat was created. For about nine generations Mortal Kombat was ruled by Outworld's finest warrior-prince, Goro. The Earth was on the brink of it's destruction when a new generation of warriors were victorious in defending it's realm. The warrior monk, liu kang, would become it's new champion. But his new victory was to be short lived as he and his new comrades find themselves lured into the Outworld to compete in a second tournament. Little did they know that the tournament was merley a diversion. A scheme which had been set by the dark emporer to break the rules set forth by The elder gods and witness the reicarnation of his former queen, Sindel on Earth itself. This evil act gives Shoa Khan the power to step through the dimesional gates reclaim his queen and also enable him to finally seize the Earth!

As far as beat-em-ups' go - I'd say that the gameplay in MK Trilogy isn't that bad... As in most other beat-em-ups, the idea is to pick a favourite character (in my case, Sub Zero), learn all the special moves and controls, and then kick some ass! There are 3 different modes to choose from! They are: Mortal Kombat, 2 on 2 Kombat, 8 player Kombat. If you select Mortal Kombat mode, you have a choice of these dificulties: Novice, Warrior, Master, Champion. The harder the mode, the more opponents you must fight! There are about 32 different characters to pick from. Watch out for the characters with the changable clothes. Personally, I think the game has enough to keep you going for ages!

MK Trilogy's control method, as far as I'm concerned, is pretty easy. I think that it's better than most of the other beat-em-ups in that respect! Here's an outline of the control method: - The X button is used for continuing to the next screen, whilst in the options bit. The options menu is also quite easy to navigate your way around! There are Three selectable options, which are: Game Konfigure, Kontrol Konfigure, Sound and Music. The other two should explain them selves easily enough, by the titles. The Game Konfigure just enables you to turn things like, Blood, Timer and Shang Tsung's morphs on and off. There are quite a few others, but to find out what they are - you'll have to look for your selves!

To be honest, MK Trilogy is one of my favourite games. So, graphically I think It's a really nice looking game! It's really colourful and has enough going on in the game - graphically - to keep you occupied for ages. The characters are pretty cool, as they're proper people who have been animated and placed in the game to give it that extra realism. The characters are really nice looking and quite smooth. It's also an extremely nice sounding game with different sound effects and music placed in different locations throughout the game! It sounds quite dark and moody in places, Which I think, gives it it's extra edge!

This game is an extremely good beat-em-up, which in my opinion, is much better and makes a change from the street fighter games, which I think, have been done to death! This games has quite a good story, and good discriptions on the different characters. If you haven't played this game - where have you been? Go out and buy it! I don't think you'll be disapointed.