Well there's no real story to worms pinball, so I'll just give a brief introduction. There are two tables: - worms and Rally fever. As far as relating to the original worms game goes I'd say it was ok. As far as I can tell, it has most of the sound effects from the original game. The worms pinball table is decorated from top to bottom in worms related pictures and is quite colourful. The rally fever table is also an extremely nice table with a car rally theme. This table has pretty good background music and looks nice. After all it's another table for you to play.

The basic game-play in worms pinball - as in all pinball games - is pretty straightforward. In all pinball games the idea is to smack the ball around the table for as long as possible using the paddles provided. Of course, you also need to clock up a crazy amount of points! It's also a good idea to try and play some of the in-built games provided in worms pinball. It could be argued that any idiot could play this game, and that there's not much technique involved. After a careful bit of observation I began to notice that in order to get specials you need to hit the balls in specific ways. So, it could also be argued that some degree of skill is needed.

There are three levels of difficulty: - Easy, Medium, Hard. Instead of just bouncing the ball around the table, there are other ways of getting points. This can be done, by managing to select one of the in-game modes (if you're lucky).

Some of the in-game modes are as follows:

Super Sheep

If you shoot the bunker you could get awarded with this in-game mode, in which you must guide the flying sheep using the flippers. You must pick up points - which are floating in the air - as well as navigating your way through a small tunnel whilst trying blow up any worms you may find.

Spot the card

You really need to have good concentration for this game of cards! A lit up card is placed faced down in a line with a few others. You need to keep a close eye on the card until it stops moving! If you guess correctly out of the jumbled up cards then you will get the prize printed on the underside (e.g. 5m points).

Mars attax

The Martians are attacking Earth! So, they must be blown out of the sky by shooting the shots that are lit in this multi ball mode.

The control method in this game is easy enough to pick up. The main menu isn't that complicated as there are only four choices: - Play, Options, Hi-scores, Credits. The pad default settings for playing the game are easy enough. They are: - L1 and R1 for the flippers and X to plunge. There are a couple of nudge buttons but I don't see the point in using them. It's actually quite easy to go through the options. You use X to enter the selected option and Triangle to go back. You can do things like alter the screen settings and the sound, you can also have up to four players and use the dual shock if you so choose.

The in-game graphics are ok, as far as 3D pinball games go. The worms table is packed full of pictures relating to the worms original. I think that the LCD panel up the top of the screen on the worms table is also really good. There always seems to be something interesting going on in this screen! The in-game modes (like Super sheep) take place there. The game also seems to be packed full of different sound effects, which are all pretty cool. I'm not really sure about the rally fever table. It has the same quality of graphics and sound effects. Let's face though, if you buy this game then you don't buy it for rally fever pinball do you? Even so, it's still quite a nice table...

As far as 3D pinball games go, it's ok. But I don't find it very challenging. A friend of mine played this game half drunk, with his eyes closed, whilst hitting the paddles madly and he still managed to get over 64 million points. I don't mind playing this game from time to time. But I wouldn't go out to buy it for the purpose of playing. Even though it's an entertaining game it's just not good enough for me to really want to buy it. Some of my friends really like this game and others don't. It seems that this is the kind of game where you'd either love it or hate it!