I'm sure most of you guys (and gals) out there remember the original classic, that is paperboy? I just don't know where to start. This game is totally cool. It's real good fun to play! I have to admit; I can only vaguely remember the original paperboy. But, funnily enough, about a week ago I played the original version on one of those PSX retro compilations. And wow, it's so different to this new version! After playing this I just can't be bothered even considering the old version. Strange thing is, even though it's called paperboy, you can even go as a papergirl if you prefer. Shouldn't that make it paper kids? (Lol)

The object of paperboy is pretty easy. All you have to do is deliver newspapers to the correct houses on your route in a set time scale. But along the way, you really need to watch out for annoying obstacles like cars, loads of different animals, annoying kids with their toys, and unexpected objects that could roll or fly into your path! On your route, you can collect cool power-ups, which enable you to do things like; jump higher, cycle faster, etc. You can also collect extra time icons, which add just that little bit of extra time to the clock, which I found handy on a couple of occasions. You might also want to watch out for the Bonus Coins. Collect three and you'll be able to play a bonus stage. There's a bonus stage for every level.

When delivering your paper, you have a choice of how it arrives. You can either throw the paper at the customers' doors, or bung it in their mailboxes. And hey, if you get bored, why not see how many windows you can break (lol). You can keep track of all the customers you have delivered to by looking at the top left of the screen. There should be a mailbox picture there with the amount you have completed, compared to how many customers there are actually on that route. Depending on from what distance you can make your successful throw to the mailbox, varies the amount of time you earn. Successful deliveries will also earn you points and add time to the clock.

In order to get further into the game, you need to unlock the new neighbourhoods by gaining new customers to your route. By successfully completing their orders within the given time scale, you will receive additional customers in the level you just played - the more houses delivered to, the more new customers you will gain. Once you have enough customers to unlock the next neighbourhood, the game will let you know.

Be sure you keep an eye on the Time Remaining and Health Circle while you're playing. Because, once they run out, you will have to play the level over again until you finally complete it.

The interaction in this game is really easy and straight to the point. I don't think you'll have any problems in getting to grips with the controls. After all, if you don't want to, you don't have to use the break. All you really need is the go-faster button and the throwing papers buttons. A few stunts wouldn't go a miss either. They can look damn cool if you get a good one! : 0)

Here's a brief outline on how to guide your way through the menu options...

When prompted, press start after the intro and this will take you to the main menu.

On the main menu you will find three options: -

NEW GAME - Begins a new game, CONTROLLER PAK - You can load an old save game by selecting this, OPTIONS - By selecting this you can enter secret codes, change your control pad configuration, and alter the volume.

Here's also a brief outline of the in-game controls.

The basic in-game controls are:

STEER PLAYER - Analogue Stick or Control Pad, ACCELERATE - A Button,

BRAKE - B Button, THROW PAPERS LEFT - L Button (or Z Button),

THROW PAPERS RIGHT - R Button, JUMP - Down C button (use this button to do any of the stunts), POWER SLIDE - A + B Buttons (with direction of choice)

USE ITEM - Left C Button, CAMERA ZOOM IN/OUT - Right C Button.

To navigate through the various menus and level screens in paperboy, use the control stick or control pad to highlight the selections you have made. When done, press the A Button to go to your selection. If you want to go back to the previous screen, press the B Button.

As far as the graphics go, I think they're pretty cool. It has that kind of rough around the edges look! It looks basic, but 3D all the same. It looks like they purposely haven't over done the detail. I reckon it's got more than enough to keep the interest there... If I'm making the graphics sound bad, believe me they're not. It's bright and colourful and is generally a fun-to-play game. There's obviously gonna be some people who thinks it looks poo, but I think it's seriously cool! I also think it sounds pretty cool, as well. It's got loads of different sound effects. Like dogs barking, Cats meowing, (and there's a lot more than that). Unfortunately, it's got the kind of background music, where if you're not too careful, you might start to hum it. The best way to describe the background sound would be to say, it sounds like a typical cliché American movie suburb! : 0)

I have to admit; I really do like this game. I personally think It's good fun. I find that if I ever get bored of playing properly I just start messing around, performing stunts, hitting anything which breaths with a paper, and seeing how many windows I can break! : 0)

The only disappointment that I find is, there aren't enough levels. I would really have liked to have seen a few more. But you do get to redo the same levels for a few more times, each time getting slightly harder!