This has to be possibly the second Tank Sim I have played EVER, now that's really odd, but its true. The only other game I played was Wargasm and that was not really a proper Tank sim, more an arcade game where you can choose to go as a Tank, Soldier or Helicopter.

Now there really isn't a story to this game, just your in a tank and have to fight either in single battles or follow the campaign to which you learn the story as you go, so I wont spoil it for ya!

Its hard not to say anything bad about this game in terms of gameplay, it plays well and if you follow the comprehensive tutorial you will soon understand your tank inside and out.

Sometimes an over eager player will soon find that they are on top of the enemy too fast, this will soon end with the destruction of your tank as the AI of the game has been done really well, You basically have to shoot first then ask questions later.

In the beginning of the mission you are given a brief description of your ultimate goal, along with that you are to do. These missions can range from Escorting a convoy through enemy territory, blowing up anything that's not yours to an assault on an enemy fortress to weaken their defences against a full ground assault.

While your in a tank and seemingly Invulnerable, you are advised to take the tutorials, as I said before they are really comprehensive and with out them this game would be a bugger to control, use and even understand.

The game has it all, if you die in one tank you get the chance of revenge by taking over another tank in your squad, so as long as you have tanks your spirit can jump into your on your way to victory, or maybe just a chance to even the odds once more.

Waypoints I the game show where you have to go in that mission, this will involve you just driving to the place the waypoint is at then moving to another waypoint or doing whats required. After reaching each waypoint your will receive either some speech of what your are to do or nothing, this means basically, goto the next waypoint.

The tank handles really well responding to you're key presses smoothly and not too fast, allowing careful aiming of targets and they're soon demise.

If your no good at aiming for yourself, Novalogic have put in an easy to use aim key, by pressing enter in one of the gunners views you can automatically aim at the next target you are meant to destroy.

If you have ready our F22 lightning 3 Review you will have noted that Novalogic have used one of those cardboard template things for the keyboard controls, well in this game they have done the same. You get a little cardboard template to put round the 'F' keys only, this serves as the centre of your controls and from here you can access all views from the standard behind the vehicle view, to the machine gunners view to the cannon view

The template also is used to show you where all the weapons are, this like F22 has been kept on the standard number keys, the use of this central control command keys is essential for your survival in the game.

The Improved Voxel Space 32® engine allows for lovely detailed graphics which show in the game almost t every point, buildings and tents will collapse when hit by a shell or machine gun fire from your tank, vehicles and tanks will blow up, literally, throwing pieces of debris everywhere.

Unlike any other game though the tanks and vehicles stay on-screen, they don't blow up in a massive explosion and disappear, they stay on screen and can be pushed away or rolled over. This leaves a distinct, battlefield look to the whole area and if you look back on your tracks you will see what I mean.

The game looks really nice, it does not take much to get the game moving but due to the fact that it uses voxels your really recommended to have a machine better than a 300mhz, sorry but that's the way it is. We could not even get it to work at a reasonable rate on our P200!

The game sound is great with the tanks engine roaring and the sounds of the battlefield, it is all here. Ask for air support and you get some little com talk speech bit playing to make it realistic, then wait for a bit and watch a few volleys of missile fire shoot towards you enemy.

Good game, if you love warfare games you'll be in for a treat, looks nice, plays well and has tons of features for both Novice and Hard-core Warfare gamers.