I remember the old Golf Games, the characters always looked really odd, the 32 colours were no where near enough to show all the details, the screens took an hour to redraw and the effects were non existent.

Now that's all changed, Since Links came out on the PC, the graphics got better, Flybys were always evident and the sound was always great with crowds cheering you on when you do well or clapping at the appropriate moments.

This game continues the long series of golf games based on the PGA tour competition. Not all by the same people, but always to the same high standard.

The game is really well done for the Playstation. It plays well and the control system is easy to get used to, the 3D graphics are at times a little blocky but its all in 3D and you can turn to strike the ball to anywhere on the course but the computer always point you in the right direction when its your shot so its usually best to use that than try to go for a special shot.

Your range of clubs is a standard thing, you carry a variety of clubs to choose from and once again the computer chooses the best one for the situation and range, which can be changed if necessary. This also is usually your best choice unless you know better or feel lucky.

This game is by far not a walkover the computer opponents constantly kick your butt by getting birdies or par's on nearly every hole and if you like me and cant putt to save your life, they soon build up an unreachable lead. They do however do some mistakes, landing balls in the water or sand bunkers often, this gives you some hope but they always get out of it somehow, showing you how to play a proper round of golf!

The commentator responds to every shot you make, if you do well the commentator will say something like, "it's nice to see that we could be here to see a lovely round of golf'. However if you do badly they will take the piss, no matter how well your doing overall. Hit the rough once and they will say something just to annoy, most times your doing really well and you make one wrong shot and the commentators say something that would not be out of place if you were playing really badly on every hole!

The game offers different modes of play, you get the usual practice courses, which are pretty essential to everyone that's like me who's only use for a golf club is to whack anything but a golf ball! You also get Championship Play vs. another Computer or Human opponent over 18 holes. This is good to pass the time and if you have friends round, expect them to take the piss if you are doing badly, I did!

The game comes with a few customisations such as your characters. While the characters are well built, you can customise them to look like you, or as close as possible. You can have varying heights, hats and clothes to suit your tastes, you can also choose the colours you like, although not all colours work and you can find some right eyesores to play with, much like proper golf but I wont mention any names :0)

The game is overall a nice looking game. The blocky graphics are not that bad, but its not the developers fault, the controls are easy to use and the different types of play give the game some Lastability while the multiplay feature is great for a small gathering of friends ready to taunt each other on their golfing skills.