Well for all you people out there that love story lines I'm gonna quote the letter. The story line of Small Soldiers, I mean army men goes like this! Sarge the hero of the Green army attacks across kitchen services, through hallways, and into the garden fighting for the greener way of life. For if tan manages to secure the explosive rockets, horrific magnifying glass or the dreaded Rubbish Disposal, the balance between good and evil could be shifted forever.

I hate this game its so frustrating? If anyone here is old enough to remember the Atari 2600(VCS) and its pack in combat cartridge when in most cases the box art was better then the game you feel right at home with small soldiers, sorry army men. Well that's a bit of an exaggeration, its not that bad but has some really nice box art.

The aim of the game is basically similar to the Capcom classics Merc's and Commando, apart from you only ever attacked by 3 enemies maximum. The closer you get to the enemy the less chance you have, let me explain. You seem the enemies rate of fire is a lot faster then yours, so up close every time you try to fire you are knocked out of your animation and take a hit. Well you really need to use the strife button to get anywhere on this game. Considering this is a game aimed at younger boys and girls, I can't imagine anyone else who'd want toy soldiers. But I might be wrong, and besides the only place you can buy them now is seaside resort gift shops, along with those dodgy keyrings with 3 mini screwdrivers in, but back to the game.

You do get a lot of extra weapons but the only one that's any use is the bazooka and sniper rifle, am60s, assault rifles, and machine guns are all identical. Grenades take ages to throw then you have to wait for a marker to travel back and forth to decide where it lands, by this time your normally dead. Mortars land right next you so a total waste of time, mine sweepers well the mines are so few and far between you could run throughout the mine field without using it. To be fair it has really good graphics and speech and the cinematics are also very good. It's also got a sense of humour and is quite funny which is a good thing.

Its not a bad game just a average game that could have been amazing but falls short. In all fairness I found it really hard and I can't get further then the 4th level later on, it might actually get a lot better.

All in all an average game that is quite accessible to people of all ages with a nice sense of humour and a very different game style which is refreshing, as most new games are driving and fighting games. It's also very hard to start with but when you get used to the strife it does get a lot easier but it's a little sluggish. Considering the ease that a lot of playstation games can be completed in this could be a small but slightly disappointing godsend.