It is the future and humanity has become masters of genetic engineering. The ultimate use of this technology is in the Genohunter. The Genohunter is the ultimate adaptive warrior that can be deployed in any situation. The Genohunter adapts itself by absorbing enemies and then, after analysing their DNA, mutating itself to incorporate any useful abilities that the creature may have had. For example if a Genohunter absorbs a creature which has the ability to jump high it will mutate its own body and increase the size of its legs to emulate this ability. A parasite has invaded our galaxy that infects and destroys whole planets. Spreading its huge limbs throughout the world it has infected, it produces eggs which when mature are launched into space to infect the next set of planets, destroying the world in the process.

Whilst doing this task it produces armies of guardians to protect itself. You take on the role of one of the Evolva who are the elite commanders of the day. With a team of Genohunters in your ship, you are sent to stop the armies of the Parasite and ultimately the Parasite itself. You do this by controlling your set of Genohunters from the safety of your ship that stays in orbit above the planet. The fate of the galaxy rides in your hands.

As you are immersed into a deep 3d-world, and a tutorial begins, you are already conscious of the lustrous 3d cinematics, and rich colorful gameplay. This game is played in a 3/4 overhead view, much like most RPGs, with the camera always hovering behind the main character you are following. As you fight, rich steaks of blood and detail is visible. With each strike, moans and animal sounds emerge from the depths of the game, but however little background music and sounds are noticeable. Character movements are amazingly orchestrated, as nearly humanlike movements have been successfully cloned.

Evolva is the landmark hybrid game that changes right before your eyes while immersing you and your team of continually evolving warriors in awe-inspiring, ultra-realistic battles through organic terrain where the enemy and the gameplay is never the same twice. The replay of this game is virtually limitless!

Evolva is a tactical shoot-em-up which immerses the player in a visually stunning 3D world offering a rich gameplaying experience. This world and its alien inhabitants form a challenging and actually living environment. Evolva sees the player having to fight against an alien parasite that has infected a planet. This parasite has an army of guardians to protect it and they will have to be stopped if the player is to be able to ultimately stop the parasite itself. The player takes control of a team of customisable creatures called Genohunters and guides them through a unique gaming world that mixes the excitement of a fast paced shoot-em-up with the tactical elements of a strategy game.

It is hard to categorize this game as just a shoot-em-up. Strategy, role-playing, and team-work play big parts in this game. Though this game does appeal to a wide variety of gamers, it does not specifically stand out to one group, and this failure of distinction will be what prevents this game from becoming one which has an impact on the gaming world for time to come.

Online, players pit their teams one against another in an immerse 3d world. Gameplay is slow at times, but an abundance of strategy makes up for this. A lack of an established server system is a big downfall, as this game can be played through TCP/IP and IPX only, and also supports the infamous Heat.Net online system. Two or more teams can compete in battles to see who can complete tasks and defeat opponents with faster and better mutations. Online controls are few, and once playing, little problems occur. Lag can be a problem at times especially with slow connections, but with cable and up, there should not be a problem.

This game is more than just a quick thrill. It is worth giving a shot on one of those days when your ISP just decides to go down. Single or multiplayer, the distinction is little, as this well structured game requires very little system requirements to run decently. If u want to twist up your mind, or just beat the crap out of anything you see moving, this game is worth messing around with. Effort was put into making the movements look good, and the landscape is one which undoubtedly a lot of attention was drawn to. For power-users, this game is a must-have!