Thanks goto Rated Pc for letting us know that according to this German article, ST Microelectronics plans to introduce a new PowerVR graphics chipset for pocket PCs called "PowerVR MBX". The graphics chip will most likely be based on 0.18 or 1.13 manufacture processing, and it will have capabilities of the current PowerVR Kyro cards such as FSAA and texture compression. The sources add that the design has been actually completed, and it is expected to be available on the marketplace in 18 months at the latest. Here a roughly translated quote:

    "Apart from the developments for the PC area PowerVR has also a Kyro version for pocket PC, Handys and Smartphones in the pipeline. " we have the Design even finished ", so Harold. Now wait PowerVR for the Lizenzierung by LEVER, a company, which sketches chip architecture for pocket PC. " in at the latest 18 months we have our first product on the market ", are safe itself of Harold."