I have never actually read a Stephen King book, believe it or not. There was nothing that really interested me. I have read other books in his genre and seen many films based on his books, but never the real thing!

Now this can best be described as an online version of a new book. I recently heard some people talking about F13 and thinking it was about 'Friday the 13th', how wrong they were.

There's no real game to speak of, the games you do get are a series of mini-games that are meant to involve you in the whole horror theme. You get to choose from whack-a-zombie, where you need to whack a number of rising zombies before the time runs out. Bug splat which is same thing but with a load of bugs and no fishing where you get to lob a number of animals into a phirana tank and watch them get eaten, which is nice!

You do get a lot of extras apart from these mini-games, like a load of sounds to use on the desktop, screensavers which are not scary at all and quite a few background screens which look quite good but are not worth buying the whole thing for.

The control is very simple, while reading the story there are a number of icons that allow you to goto the next page, the previous page, goto a specific page and quit, which by reading a bit of the story is the bast thing they could have added. I was not at all impressed by the plot and if it were not for writing this review I would have quit on page one, no, I would not have bought this at all actually.

The graphics and sounds are very good, as most are drawn or rendered you cant actually fail to produce great graphics, as for sounds well unless you're a complete gibbon that's also blind deaf and dead then sounds are no problem. Very good in this area!

The whole thing kinda stinks to hell and back. Even a very large pile of dog poo smells like roses compared to this. Not recommend to any at all, I would not give this to my worst enemies.