Most gamers spend hundreds of dollars every year upgrading their computer for the best possible performance. Most of these same gamers are still using the same cloth mousepad that came with the PC, or they got when they signed up with an internet provider, or was being passed out at the last computer show. Until last year I was one of those people. Sure, I had friends with those "premium" 3M pads, but they seemed to wear out fast or get creased traveling to lanparties (something I do alot!). There had to be something better. That something better came from a company called Everglide. When I first got my Attack Pad in the mail, I hated it. For about 10 minutes. We've been pretty much inseparable ever since. All Everglide mousepads are made of a virtually indestructible polyethylene resin. Compared to your typical cloth mousepad, it's like a sheet of ice. It actually takes a bit to get used to the reduced effort needed to move the mouse. Since it's a plastic it's also very easy to clean, and doesn't trap dirt and dust like cloth pads. A clean mousepad makes for a clean, smoother working and longer lasting mouse.

When I saw the Giganta, it was love at first sight. Dark colored to work better with the Microsoft optical mice then my original white Attack Pad. Same slick surface as my old one, only larger. And bigger is ALWAYS better, right? Well, for the most part that's correct. When I went to try out the Giganta, I found out it's 11½ inch wide by 9½ inch high (292mm x 241mm) dimensions wouldn't fit on my table! Now to be perfectly fair, although my computer station takes up a large corner of the room, the actual keyboard/mouse area is rather small. That and my keyboard with the 12 extra programmable keys on it is larger then most. I'm sure most people have room for a mouse surface this size, but it might be a good idea to check, just to make sure. All was not lost however. A weekend trip down to see my friends at the Cyberplant, a computer gaming center located about a hour drive away, gave me the chance to really give the Giganta a workout. 2 days straight of almost nonstop gaming. The Giganta was a dream. The rounded cutout for your wrist helps to comfortably center your mouse on the pad, giving you the maximum range of movement.

OK, here is where I have to mention the fact that Wench, over at GameGirlz, was also there reviewing the Ratpadz. The Ratpadz is basically a copycat Everglide. Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Head on over to GameGirlz and check out her Ratpadz review after your done here. Wench and I switched mousepads for a few hours so we could do a little comparison. The Ratpadz is almost identical to the Giganta in size, with the most noticeable difference is the entire bottom edge is concave, as opposed to the "bite" out of the Giganta's bottom edge. Personally, the Giganta was more comfortable for me, and if marooned on a deserted island with only my PC, a copy of UT, and a mousepad, I would choose the Everglide. I must admit they are close though. They both cost the same, $18.95USD + shipping. There were two things about the design of the Ratpadz that I would like to see incorporated into the Giganta to make the "perfect 10" of mousepads. Both pads use little rubber feet on the bottom to keep that slick surface from sliding all over your table. The Giganta has 5 of these spaced evenly around the parameter of the pad. While I did not experience any flexing or warping of my Giganta, the Ratpadz adds a few extra, on the front edge where all your weight is applied, and in the center, where most of your mousing is done. Like I said, I have had no problems with the Giganta, and the extra little feet are probably overkill, but hey, us gamers love overkill, right? The second thing is even less significant then the first. The Ratpadz has a little more of a bevel around the edges, which seems like it might be more comfortable if you don't use a wrist support for your mouse hand. If you do use a support (and you really should, don't want carpal tunnel syndrome, do you?), the bevel angle really isn't an issue. Everglide has a nice looking support that they sell separately, looks like it fits right in that little "bite" out of the front edge. If you don't already have one, I would suggest you order it along with the Giganta, your mouse hand will thank you, I promise.