Ok, the biggest question on everyone's mind is, does a mousepad really make a difference and is it worth spending money on. Well the short answer is yes. The 3M Precise Mousing Surface is a great addition to any system.

All right, if you look at the screenshots, it's a little difficult to tell, but it is not a smooth surface. Instead it made up of tiny grooves that are supposed to help you mouseball grip the surface. It actually reminds me of those hologram cards that I used to collect as a kid. It is very thin, barely even noticeable on my desk, and the size is very reasonable and its shape it ideal. You can even get it in many different designs, including game logos. In addition, you can have it custom made in large quantities as a promotional offer.

So the question you are wondering, "Does it make gaming better?" Using my Razor Boomslang, this mousepad is a dream. Before I got this pad, I was using my Boomslang with an old cloth one. I was extremely annoyed at the fact that it was difficult for me to move my mouse without it getting stuck. The 3M Precise Mousing Surface grips the mouseball like no cloth pad can with no slipping and best of all, I never have to clean my mouse. This is because the grooves trap dust and stop them from getting inside the mouse.

There are a few problems with it unfortunately. First of all, it sometimes slides on my desk. Unlike other "new age" mousepads, this one is very thin and does not have the suction cups to grab onto the surface. Another problem I found was that it creases very easily. Once there is a crease in the surface, it reduces the grip on the ball. This is especially a problem if you travel a lot.

There is a version of the pad with a wrist support, but if you are going to be using it for gaming, I wouldn't suggest it, as it gets in the way in those heated battles. So is the 3M Precise Mousng Surface worth throwing away your old cloth friend? I would definitely say so. Many gamers don't realize the importance of a good mousepad. Overall, I would recommend it for the gamers that do not travel and want good performance out of their mouse.