In the midst of technological advancements in computer mice, notably with the development of optical mice, the mouse pad has gone unnoticed. Few companies have tried dipping their toes into this market, such as Everglide, but it was concluded that these mousepads were more fancy than they actually served purpose. fUnc technologies has come up with the perfect agreement: go back to the basics. Why have a big hard chunk of plastic lying on your desk when you can have a sleek-looking rubber pad, which is adaptable to any type of mouse? This is exactly what fUnc has done with its "sUrface 1030" mousepad.

This mousepad is a piece of rubber... literally. It is dual-sided, one side being a sleek smooth side, and the other a rough bumpy surface which increases friction. This surface fits into a big rubber "sleeve" which is what is used to contact the surface of the table, and is what actually prevents the mousepad from sliding around. This is moderately effective, as this pad is thin and sleek, and lacking weight, it often slides around when dirty. The mouse movement is overall natural feeling, and the mousepad is barely noticeable.

This puppy is huge. Double-sided, large sUrface area: 10"x8.5". This is an excellent combo with its low design which makes it almost seem like a part of the table, and ensures that extra room when you're strafing in your favorite game. A cord clip is also included which can be hooked to 6 different spots on the rubber sleeve. Surprisingly, nothing complicated was attempted, and the cord clip is actually beneficial in getting the cord out of the way, and still maintaining enough cord slack to reach the ends of the mousepad.

Simply, this is the best choice out there for those using ball mice. The Razer Boomslang mouse is an amazing (I cannot stress this enough) combination with this mosepad. However, everything has an Achilles heel, and in this mousepad's case it is optical mice. Though not totally devastating, mouse movements seem crippled and choppy when using this pad with optical mice. Even the bumpy side, a bit better than the smooth side, doesn't get the job done. This of course is made up in the design. The rubber sleeve comes in both orange and black colors, sporting a sharp modern look. The 'cherry-on-top' of this mousepad is the case it comes in: a full tin jacket, in which, under a ton of black foam, is the fUnc: sUrface 1030.



Cord clip actually beneficial.

Rubbery surface, grips to table.

Low to ground = natural feeling.

Smooth surface, with two different sides; interchangeable surfaces.

Good looking.


It is BIG!


Optical mice simply suck with this mousepad.

Gets dirty, and starts to slide around because of lack of weight.