From Nintendo Direct:

The Wonderful 101: This PlatinumGames original launches 24th August. Players take on the role of Wonder-Red, leader of a group of superheroes. Individually they are overpowered by invaders from space. But by working together, they can transform into a fist or blade and unleash massive attacks on their enemy. The polished, over-the-top look and music evoke classic superhero comics and cartoons.

Bayonetta 2: Developed by PlatinumGames, the game's title character has had a makeover that gives her a new hairstyle and costume. Her climactic abilities are more powerful and the action is as intense as ever. The game is scheduled to launch in 2014.

Wii Party U: This is a game that's perfect for every kind of party. It includes 80 different brand new minigames and what we are calling "Tabletop Minigames," which you can play with just the GamePad. The game is scheduled to launch later this year.

Art Academy title for Wii U: A new instalment of the Art Academy series is in development. In advance of its launch, a new drawing tool taking some features of the new game will be released on Nintendo eShop this winter, just for Miiverse artists.

Wii Fit U: Although this game was previously announced to launch in autumn or winter this year, it is now scheduled to launch this summer.