In a press release today;

"Veteran game development studio, Heavy Water, just launched their open world-building toolset on Kickstarter; the Axis Game Factory is an innovative way for gamers to create, design, build, share and play their very own games and Machinima-style animations.

By providing players with an endless resource to AAA-quality assets, themes, characters, NPC's, enemies, cameras, game modes, lights, skyboxes, weapons and props, players are empowered to draw upon their imagination in a way they have never been able to do so before. What makes this a true game-changer is that players can master the Axis Game Factory without having to write a single line of code, animate a character or model an asset.

Led by industry veteran, Matt McDonald, and his development team at Heavy Water, the Axis Game Factory is a culmination of decades of game development experience and the overwhelming desire to provide a gaming environment where designing a game is as easy as it is fun to play. That, coupled with a built-in reward system that allows players to earn credit for time spent playing, the popularity of their creations and the amount of games "shared" within the community to purchase additional assets and features in the Axis Game Factory, it is a truly open-handed product that not only reinforces creative development and design but rewards you for doing so.

As a further testament to Heavy Water's commitment to empowering the end-user, they have just announced on their Kickstarter campaign that they will be "Paying it Forward" - for every game seat pledged on Kickstarter, they will donate a seat to education.


About Axis Game Factory

Built for the PC/Mac/Linux systems, Axis Game Factory is a real time game tool-set (built in UNITY) that acts and looks like a scene editor/game development tool but all the hard parts have been removed - without having to know how to program or model in 3D!

Key Features include:

Full GUI scene and gameplay editing tools

Extensive art asset libraries for terrain, foliage, structures, props, atmospheres, characters, lights, and more from different art styles

Ability to create custom models from separate pieces to use just like any other art asset in your toolbox

Every saved file, scene or model, saves the history so even after you've closed and opened the file you can undo and redo the entire file and therefore, every file becomes a tutorial and provides step by step instructions for the next user

Positional NPC's that can be configured by altering variables via sliders, attaching animations, voice acting, way points, and sound effects

Positional enemies that can be configured with variables via sliders same as NPC's plus variable for aggressiveness, strength, etc.

Scene linking between your different environments to give your game a larger than life feel, linking environments by start and end points

Multiple camera choices during gameplay to create different types of games such as FPS platformer, adventure 3rd person, and side-scrollers

Multiple playable characters with expansive animations to fit various gameplay genres

Press play at any time during design development to play your level in progress to test out and then easily switch back into design mode

The ability to play back user inputs from gameplay and choose different camera angles to create compelling Machinima

Share your in-development scenes with friends who have the same assets to collaborate on a game design

Become a real game designer by sharing your final game to the community to play for free and earn status and reward credits to spend in Axis and within the community

Update your warehouse inventory by purchasing new kits, themes and features

Anyone will be able to download and play Axis Game Factory in Basic Mode - but if you want all of the bells and whistles, you will need to step up and buy a starter-kit of a theme of your choosing, to unlock the "Deluxe Mode." From there, you can add any number of kits and features as they are made available

You will be able to share your creations with your friends to play and rank you, as well as download other games to play and link your levels to for endless fun!

Axis Game Factory Kickstarter: Watch Demos, and Axis Game Factory Instructional Videos: For more information about Axis Game Factory please visit: "