In a press release today:

"As part of Black Friday, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced fantastic savings on highly acclaimed MMO Guild Wars 2.

From 18:00 GMT today, Friday 23 November, Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe edition will be available for the price of the Standard Edition for three days only ? £49.99 from £64.99.

Those who pick up the special digital version will also receive the following in-game items for free:

Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill ? This powerful skill allows you to summon a deadly Mistfire Wolf; a spectral animal with unique powers of her own.

Miniature Rytlock ? He may not even reach your character?s knees, but this tiny miniature Rytlock still has all the spirit and ferocity of the charr!

Chalice of Glory ? This chalice provides your character with Glory, which they can use to unlock PvP rewards (single use).

Tome of Influence ? Boost your guild?s influence with this sacred book (single use).

Golem Banker ? This automated manservant will allow you to access your storage account from anywhere for five days.

Furthermore, on each of the three days three different items will be discounted up to 70 per cent in the Gem Store. Each sale lasts only 24 hours.

The sale closes at 20:00 GMT Monday 26 November. Guild Wars 2 copies can be bought from, Gem Store sale items can be purchased through the in-game Gem Store."