In a press release today:

"Kalypso Media is pleased today to announce a new DLC pack for the Windows PC version of Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants. The new DLC, "Dawn of Pirates", adds a new campaign to the Caribbean empire-building game along with unlocking online leaderboards and an "Ironman" mode. In the new campaign, players will set sail as the scourge of the seas - a bloodthirsty treasure-seeking pirate.

The Dawn of Pirates DLC for Windows PC is available now for £4.49/€4.99 via Steam and the Kalypso Launcher.

Dawn of Pirates offers you a whole new single-player campaign in which you get to stir up trouble in the Caribbean - as a pirate. Your aim in this DLC is to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering unsuspecting cities and poorly guarded convoys on the high seas. A new pirate-themed campaign offer players the chance to enjoy Port Royale 3 from the view of one of their most challenging foes! Arrr matey, what are you waiting for? Set sail!

Features of the Dawn of Pirates DLC:

A new pirate-themed campaign with adjusted interface and gameplay.

Ironman-mode challenges you to play through the campaign without save-points.

An online ranking-system with a global high-score-list for Normal as well as Ironman modes."