In a French press release EA have announced details of the upcoming Mass Effect Trilogy, as some of you do not speak French (I know I can't) we googled it for you!

Sorry if the translation isn't grammatically correct that is the nature of translate:

"Celebrate the first "N7 Day" with BioWare and many fans pay tribute to Commander Shepard and his extraordinary odyssey

An intense galactic saga, replete with insurmountable obstacles and unforgettable characters awaits you this winter. With more than 300 awards to its credit, the famous saga Mass Effect Trilogy arrives at dealers and for € 49.99 to € 69.99 for PC and consoles. This compilation brings together three games in the series, is the perfect gift for fans of the series and for your friends who have not yet had the chance to discover the exciting world of Commander Shepard.

BioWare brings the universe of Mass Effect honored with the first "N7 Day", a global celebration where many activities will be available online and in the game Connect to the multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3 on November 7 from 9am 4h until November 8th to automatically receive a weapon and six ultra-rare consumables included in the limited edition pack of Loyalty "N7 Day". This reinforcement pack is available to all players on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Fans can also find exclusive behind the scenes of the next downloadable content, Mass Effect 3: Omega, alongside the team at BioWare Montreal. Put your equipment as you shoot and N7: Team BioWare community eagerly awaits your shots! Check the site regularly and blog to discover the many activities offered and do not forget to go to the shop BioWare to enjoy exclusive discounts on products N7:

In the Mass Effect trilogy, you are Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine who takes the tape to become elite soldier the most powerful of the galaxy: the only soldier able to lead a galactic war without thank you for put an end to the invasion of ruthless Reapers. Throughout the three episodes, dive into the heart of the action in an interactive story that only you pull the strings. Surround yourself with the best to lead your own war and save the galaxy: choose your weapons and your skills, get connected with your friends ... and be ruthless with your enemies.

Mass Effect Trilogy will be available November 15 on console games and entertainment on Xbox 360 and PC, and from December 6 in France on the system PlayStation 3. Mass Effect will be available in physical PlayStation 3 for the first time in the compilation Mass Effect Trilogy, digital and on PlayStation Network for 14.99 euros. For more information on Mass Effect Trilogy, visit the game's official website: Follow the news and Mass Effect "N7 Day" blog on Twitter:, Pinterest: http://pinterest .com / biowareofficial, or Facebook :"