EA have been busy rolling out a "major" update for FIFA 13 on PC over the weekend, a community manager said the fixes will also be applied to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and the release dates for that will be confirmed soon.

Details of the update can be found here.

Here are the full title update notes:

Online Connectivity in the Arena when loading an Online Seasons match.

The rare occurrence of the ball becoming invisible during gameplay.

Audio commentary of player names when the game is set to Czech, Hungarian, Italian, or Polish.

Connectivity after selecting a position on Online Team Play and Clubs.

Pass responsiveness in the Passing 'Skill Challenge' Skill Game. The leaderboard for this specific Skill Game has been reset due to a scoring glitch.

Rare cases of physics elasticity when two players collide.

In: Ligo Do Brasil, Vasco Da Gama and Palmeiras get authentic kits and team names.

Authentic kits for Botafago in Ligo Do Brasil.

Visibility of the radar, indicators, and scoreboards in offline matches after playing in Online Team Play.

Stability of FIFA Ultimate Team during single player tournaments.

Softlock when playing a friend in FUT.

Crashing in Pro Clubs kit selection screen.

Replays saved to web will not overwrite previously save replays.

Career Mode items including: Stability when editing a Virtual Pro if the squad is full. Stability when the loaning team rejects the loan buy of a transferred player at the end of a season. Player contracts increased by 1 did not take effect in player's profile. Penalty Kick Takers can be selected prior to a penalty shootout when playing as a Manager. Continuation of player stories after the player is transferred/sold. General stability during gameplay.