Enter the wacky world of Toon Car! Toon Car is a unique cartoon-style racing game for the PC, featuring exclusively created Toon Characters competing against each other in a massive range of exciting scenarios.

Choose from one of 14 zany Toons and get set for some crazy racing! The goal is to win by any means necessary, whether that means blasting your opponents out the way with homing missiles or bashing them of the track. Play loads of different tracks that span from Morocco to Japan to even the Pyramids of Egypt! If you need more excitement than Planet Earth can offer, take your challenge to Venus, or even the Moon, where the meteorological conditions will challenge even the most Toon-tastic of racers!

To add to the fun, tracks are littered with challenging jumps, bonuses and traps. Pick up power ups that help slow down your opponents or blitz them out the way with one of the many explosive weapons.

Choose from varied game play options including Single player, multiplayer, LAN play or take the Challenge of competing in the Championship but first you've got to get that Licence!

Key Features:

  • Detailed 3D textured tracks from around the Toon World

  • Over 10 different vehicles, each differing in speed, acceralation and stability.

  • Toon characters including Guisseppe the Gangster, Nigashi the Sumo wrestler and Raj, the Levitating Sikh!

  • Collect power ups as you go including Killing Clouds, homing missile's and turbo boast!

  • Practice, single race, multiplayer, championship and licence Mode for up to four players, including LAN option.

    Toon Car is due for release 19th October 01

    Minimum Spec

  • Pentium 166Mhz

  • 32 Mb RAM

  • 4x Speed CD ROM

  • 35 MB free hard

  • Directx 7

    We have also got some screenshots to go with this, available here.