So...we've heard it was coming, well now it's been dated and details are out of the bag!

The Press Release stated: The Mass Effect 3 demo will allow players to experience the all-out galactic war against an ancient alien race known as the Reapers from multiple fronts, including the mind-blowing opening attack on Earth that kicks off the single-player campaign. Players will go deeper into the campaign and also get a taste of the franchise's new co-operative multiplayer mode as they preview the epic story, adrenaline-pumping action and deep customization options that lie ahead when Mass Effect 3 launches on March 6, 2012.

    "We are excited to be able to give gamers an expansive demo that will put them right on the front lines of this all-out galactic war," said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect series. "The entire scale of the game is bigger than anything we've ever done. With its intense action, deep customization and raw emotional power, Mass Effect 3 will deliver a spectacular action RPG experience to fans of the series and newcomers alike."

There's early access that will kick off with the co-op side of the game demo on February 14th. If you have activated your Battlefield 3 online pass for one. There are also going to be other ways to get access to the co-op early. So keep your eyes on the game's website!

Otherwise you just have to wait till the 17th of February.

We can't wait!