Gamitopia have posted up an interview with Jason Della Rocca, Program Director for the International Game Developers Association. This interview discusses what the IDGA can do for you no matter whether your a designer, programmer, or hardcore gamer. Heres a snippet:


    Tell us about some of the ways the IGDA supports the games industry.

    Jason Della Rocca:

    The IGDA is involved with so many efforts. In some cases it is dealing with issues of concern within the industry where a single unified collective voice is most effective. Areas such as the debate over the impact of violent media, the exploitation of abusive software patents and working to attract more women developers to the industry are a quick sample. Also, we work to foster the sense of community via our chapters, where developers in cities around the world get together on a monthly basis to schmooze, network and just get to know each other and the industry. I can go on forever, so I'll conclude by saying the IGDA does good stuff for the industry...