7sixty have announced that Stronghold 3 will be released later this month.

The game, developed by Firefly Studios, will be released for the PC on October 25th, worldwide.

The game sees the return of the original enemy in the series, The Wolf, after seemingly falling to his demise following defeat by The Boy, he has cheated death and is back for revenge, along with some of his old supporters and new, more dangerous, allies.

"Firstly we want to thank fans for waiting patiently for Stronghold 3, it's been a long time coming but we wanted to make sure we created something really special," said Simon Bradbury, lead designer, Firefly Studios. "This is the 'ultimate Stronghold', featuring the best bits from previous titles and some fantastic new elements - like night time sieges and a cutting edge graphics engine."

"We're delighted to be releasing Stronghold 3 at retail and in a range of digital stores this October," said Jeff Hutchinson, VP interactive entertainment, 7sixty. "This is 7sixty's first release and we're extremely excited and proud that Firefly has done such a great job making a game which appeals to Stronghold fans old and new. Plus, don't forget, there's still time to pre-order from Steam to ensure you get the original Stronghold for free, along with the exclusive Tower of London single-player stage."