I am Not a Geek dot com have just finished a review of the technology Matrox has announced with the G550. Matrox gone off into a whole new area with this card and its HeadCasting technology. Matrox is not after the gaming audience with this card, the GeForce2 MX will probably still beat this card in gaming performance.Here is a quote about the G550:

    "The G550 will be produced on a 0.18-micron process, just like the G450. This means the die size should be increased and it will probably run a little hotter, however that isn't much of a problem as the G450 runs very cool compared to most cards on the market. The G550 is also pin compatible with the G450 which means something very unfortunate. The G550 like the G450 is only capable of using 64-bit DDR SDRAM. This is a strongest indication that Matrox is moving far away from the gaming market. 64-bit DDR SDRAM is not going to cut it in the latest and greatest games. Don't expect to see this card in configurations higher then 32MB either."