Starbreeze, the company behind The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and The Darkness have announced a new game project in collaboration with film director and writer Josef Fares and The Story Lab.

Details are not available yet but the studio snapped up the project as soon as they heard the idea: "As soon as Joseph presented the idea, we realized that it was a very well thought-out game idea and how great it could be. We started to sketch it out the same day," said Michael Nermark, CEO of Starbreeze.

"I love games and have for a long time been thinking about a new game idea. The more I worked with it, the more certain I became that it was a good game idea," said Josef Fares, "Together with The Story Lab I created two game prototypes that we had the opportunity to present to the game developer Starbreeze. they liked the direct approach and here we are - Josef Fares, Game Designer. "

Besides this new unnamed and undetailed project, Starbreeze and EA recently announced the resurrection of Syndicate as a first-person shooter game - taking a break from its strategy roots.