Deus Ex: Human Revolution stays in the top spot for the second week in the row holding off Ubisoft's Driver: San Francisco, which enters the charts at No.2.

This means that Zumba Fitness has dropped another place this week, down to No.3 as does the official Rugby World Cup 2011 game, down 1 to No.4, and LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean, down 1 to No.5.

Madden NFL 12 enters in nicely at No.6 which means Call Of Duty: Black Ops slips 2 places to No.7

Cars 2 drops again this week after riding high for a number of weeks it is down again, this time 2 places to No.8. FIFA 11 also drops 2 to No.9 while The Sims 3 moves up 2 places to round off the top 10.

Here is the top 20 chart in full:

  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  2. Driver: San Francisco

  3. Zumba Fitness

  4. Rugby World Cup 2011

  5. LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean

  6. Madden NFL 12

  7. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

  8. Cars 2

  9. FIFA 11

  10. The Sims 3

  11. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

  12. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  13. Dirt 3

  14. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  15. Brink

  16. Just Dance 2

  17. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  18. Red Dead Redemption

  19. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel

  20. Wii Sports Resort

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