Gearbox have dated an experimental system that will be part of an update to the PC version of Borderlands that lets users provide feedback on the game.

Called BTest, this new system tracks gamers during a game and provides feedback to Gearbox. All gamers have to do is play the game and based on their choice of weapon, route, etc. Gearbox can update the game as required.

"The result of ongoing work within Gearbox Labs, BTest offers you the chance to help us tune and improve our games. By choosing to participate in BTest, you can help us learn more about your favorite parts of Borderlands ...just by playing the game! For example, what guns are the most popular and effective, what areas are being played the most, and exactly how many times your cat walks across keyboard.

As an added bonus, BTest also brings Steam Cloud support to Borderlands PC, so you'll never have to worry about a corrupted save or losing your character so long as you have an active internet connection."

BTest will be available for Borderlands PC on September 9.