Multiplay UK, the organisers of Insomnia43, have announced that the PC version of EA's upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 will be playable at their LAN event this weekend.

While weekend gaming tickets with tournament access are almost sold out, gamers can still buy day tickets on the Sunday, for £5, when the game will be available to play for the first time in the UK. Gamers attending will get to experience the game's Squad Deathmatch game-mode, pitting two teams of 4 against each other.

"This is a real coup for insomnia43," says Craig Fletcher, Managing Director, Multiplay UK, organiser of the event. "It will be the first time gamers will be able to see for themselves why Battlefield 3 has been garnering so much praise. It's a stunning game, and one which is sure to draw a crowd."

The main attraction at Insomnia43 is of course the gaming tournaments with a prize fund of £50,000, spread across 12 tournaments which include Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, FIFA 11: Xbox 360, Team Fortress 2 and Heroes of Newerth.