Good news for people waiting for the Nintendo 3DS' price to come down in price because it's happening, Nintendo Europe has announced that there will be a global price drop that is applicable from the 12th of August to try and give sales a boost.

Also good news for early adopters who have already forked out for a 3DS, while you have paid more Nintendo wants to reward you through its 3DS Ambassador programme. If you access the eShop with your 3DS before August 12th you will gain early access to 10 NES Virtual Console titles such as Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda, available from Sept. 1st, and 10 GBA Virtual Console titles such as Mario VS Donkey Kong, Warioware and Mario Kart Super Circuit, available by the end of 2011 -- nothing wrong with 20 free games from Nintendo!

More news when the new price is announced