Codemasters have sent out emails to all their users informing them of a hacking incident that happened on June 3rd.

In the email they reveal that unauthorised entry was gained to the website and this was shut down as soon as it was detected but have revealed that both their Estore and CodeM services were compromised as well as the website and the DiRT 3 VIP code redemption page.

According to the company, hackers were able to access Customer names and addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, encrypted passwords and order history via the Estore, however no credit card information was accessible as they use a 3rd party for payments.

For CodeM users, they believe hackers were able to access Members' names, usernames, screen names, email addresses, date of birth, encrypted passwords, newsletter preferences, any biographies entered by users, details of last site activity, IP addresses and Xbox Live Gamertags.

As with any hacking incident, they suggest users change any passwords associated with other Codemasters accounts and on other sites and to be vigilant when receiving calls and emails from people claiming to be from Codemasters.

Codemasters have redirected all site traffic to their facebook page and announced a new site will be coming later this year.