Funcom have announced that their MMORPG Age of Conan will be changing to a free-to-play model which opens up the game to everyone and which could capture interest through the upcoming Conan movie that is yet to be released, the game will relaunch under the title Age of Conan: Unrated which will allow Funcom to release content that is more savage and sexy which they say is more in line with the original works by Robert E. Howard's. There will also be new content to be released later that ties into the movie release which will also be free to play.

Explaining the new business model Funcom had this to say on their site

"The new business model will give players the opportunity to choose whether they want to play for free or become premium subscribers, and Funcom is also introducing an in-game store to the game where both free players and premium subscribers can purchase exclusive content such as weaponry and mounts."

for further details on prices for premium subscriptions can be found through the site.