EA have announced a 3DS version of FIFA 12, the next game in the ever popular football franchise.

FIFA 12 on the 3DS will feature over 500 officially licensed clubs, touch screen controls, 3D Street Football and nine different camera angles to choose from.

Touch screen control lets players take free kicks by drawing a shot that curves the ball around, or even power it over the wall and shooting can be finely controlled by using the lower touch screen to choose the perfect spot from the players viewpoint.

The game will come with head-to-head online matches using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Tournament Mode with over 50 real-world competitions, a full in-depth Career Mode that enables gamers to play or manage their way to glory, 3D Street Football, Be A Pro and a Training Mode.

Street football takes place on a curved pitch and lower camera angle that maximises the 3D effect. Games are played 5 v 5 in various street locales and indoor environments.

"We challenged our development team to develop innovative features that would maximize the FIFA experience on 3DS. They delivered intuitive new touch screen controls and a curved pitch in our Street mode that truly brings the 3D elements to life," said Matt Prior, Producer for FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS. "When you combine these features and many other innovations with all the authentic players and kits for the upcoming season, we are confident that this will be the best football game available on Nintendo 3DS."