PC Hardware published a review of the Promise FastTrack100 TX2 IDE RAID controller. With the need for a higher storage system performance due to the new powerfull CPUs a SCSI solution is recommended, but it's not affordable for most of us. A RAID 0 solution which involves only two IDE harddisks and a IDE RAID controller can be afforded and performs in most applications as good as a decent SCSI setup. Heres a quote:

    "RAID 0 is based on idea to write/read data from multiple harddisks in the same time. The controller strips a file in smaller fragments of the user defined strip size and sends the fragments to every harddisk in the array. Supposing that you configure the controller to use a 32Kb strip size and you deal with a 256Kb file and you have two harddisks in the array every one of them receives simultaneous 4 fragments."