EA games is in the process of aquiring Australian based studio Firemint, who have been making highly acclaimed iOS games for the iPhone & iPad. EA should pick up the studio and the rights for their games. In pure speculation it could mean that Firemint's games could go multi-platform so a wider audience can join in on the fun.

Firemint CEO Rob Murray has posted a statement on the studios website which includes rough details about their future.

"Yes we are staying in Australia! Yes we will be operating with very high levels of autonomy and yes I am running Firemint and doing what is best for our games and our customers. The easiest way to sum it all up is business as usual. However, business as usual does not mean that I am going to reveal Firemint's plans ;-), we have an exciting slate and I think people will be pleasantly surprised with our games this year."

Firemint has been around since 1999 and before recent years found success with EA mobile games, in more recent years they have released iPhone and iPad hits Flight Control and Real Racing 1 & 2 with Agent Squeek their next game to be released.

Firemint CEO's Statement

EA's Statement