Good news true believers, there is big news on the Marvel Universe MMO.

At a press conference on Thursday revealed the pricing for the upcoming MMO and that price is FREE, in what could be steps to be a serious contender out of the gate to DC's own MMO universe.

Also more good news for Marvel fans as it was also announced that big Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis is the head writer and will be reimaging some of Marvel's biggest events in its long history.

Another deviation from DC Online Universe is that gamers will be able to be their favourite heroes for those who want to explore New York in the boots/leggings/suit feet of Spider-man amongst hundreds of fellow Spider-men or strut around as Iron Man or destroy everything in your path as the Hulk.

A release date is yet to be announced, but with all the attention the Marvel movies have been getting you can only hope it is soon.

Big Download's Piece on the MMO

Marvel's Press Conference Video