Telltale games, the developer and publisher for episodic adventure gaming which includes games such as Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island and the more recent Back to the Future and upcoming Jurassic Park and the Walking Dead have signed an Xbox 360 Publishing Licensor Agreement to publish games for the console.

This is good news for Microsoft console gamers given that Xbox Live has only seen a small number of the Telltale series that have been released across multiple distribution systems such as PSN, iTunes, Wiiware and Steam.

"Adding console support to our acknowledged expertise in digital downloads is another positive step in our long-term growth strategy," said Telltale co-founder and CEO, Dan Connors. "We are pleased to expand the size of our potential audience by encompassing the Xbox 360 console consumer and bring our vision of video gaming to them."

There are yet to be details given on bringing any past releases to Xbox Live.

The announcement can be found here