Ubisoft have released a new patch for Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, that introduces a new cooperative mode available for all players.

As well as the patch, a new DLC pack called The Settlers 7: The Two Kings is available to buy which adds 3 new maps and new items for £3.99

New patch details:

The patch will be implemented for all players and for free as of today. It allows all Settlers 7 Players to play all existing maps in a new cooperative mode:

- Allies can donate sectors to the team partner

- Allies can send resources and goods to the team partner

- Allies share technologies with the team partner

- Allies share tradeposts with the team partner

- Allies share victory points and all calculations, that count towards gaining victory points

Settlers 7: The Two Kings DLC Pack 4 details:

This fourth Settlers 7 DLC pack will bring 3 new maps, including 2 maps specifically designed for the new co-operative mode:

- 2 brand new multiplayer maps

o Tower Island - This is a menacing place, where four rulers challenge each other. The island is dominated by the central Tower of Tandria. Gaining access to the tower may be key to your success. Distances to your opponents are very short, so keep an eye on your defence.

o Throne of Tandria - In this realm two teams compete for the Throne of Tandria. There are different starting conditions, so adapt your strategy according to your position. One Ruler has access to plenty of fertile building ground, but has only few mines in his reach. The other ruler has access to plenty of mines, but only limited fertile ground.

- A brand new 2-player map

o Forest Realm - The Forest Realm is located in a wide open mountain valley marked by thick forests and very spacious meadows. Two kings face each other on opposing sides of the valley. The king-sized home sectors are characterized by central marketplaces, where you can increase your wealth.

- New AI Player

Fieldmarshal Ludowig (Military/Church/Trade)

- New Event Location: Throne of the Kings

Offers a victory point for trading quest, free passage for military quest and an additional Ghost General for church quest.

- 3 New victory points

Pacifist, Economist, Ascetic