Wargaming.net have announced that its Tank based MMO World of Tanks has set a new world record the maximum number of users playing concurrently on the same game server. The Russian release version of the game clocked an impressive 74,536 online players at the same time to break the record.

The global release of the game is still in closed beta.

"The online peak has been growing steadily for the past several weeks, and the PCCU numbers shown by both World of Tanks versions are just astonishing. We are extremely proud of the scale of popularity the game has managed to gain so far." -- says Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi. "The fact that Western and Russian players keep on joining the ranks of virtual tank commanders makes us believe that more records are to come."

This news follows the recent announcement that the game has recorded more than one million registrations in America, Europe and Russia, one year since the closed beta was launched in Russia.

Victor Kislyi comments: "World of Tanks team is grateful to our community for achieving such impressive figures. We would like to thank all the WoT fans for their support. Wargaming.net will continue to work hard on adding new content to the game regularly to guarantee that our community gets maximum fun from playing World of Tanks"