Many would have predicted this weeks No.1 game and they are all right. Bethesda's Fallout: New Vegas has indeed grabbed the top spot in its first week of release, pushing last weeks No.1 game, Medal of Honor, to No.2

EA's FIFA 11 drops another place this week to No.3, Professor Layton And The Lost Future enters at No.4 while Just Dance 2 drops 2 places to No.5.

This is followed up by 2 of Nintendo's Wii games, Wii Party & Wii Sports Resort at No.6 and No.7, it must be noted that Wii Sports Resort has spent 66 weeks in the chart and is obviously still selling well.

Codemasters' F1 game keeps sliding down slowly, this week moving down 2 places to No.8 as does Konami's Pro Evo 2011 at No.9.

Dead Rising 2 completes the top 10.

Here is the top 20 chart in full:

  1. Fallout: New Vegas

  2. Medal Of Honor

  3. Fifa 11

  4. Professor Layton And The Lost Future

  5. Just Dance 2

  6. Wii Party

  7. Wii Sports Resort

  8. F1 2010

  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  10. Dead Rising 2

  11. Halo: Reach

  12. Vanquish

  13. Toy Story 3

  14. Just Dance

  15. New Super Mario Bros.

  16. Wii Fit Plus

  17. Red Dead Redemption

  18. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  19. Mafia II

  20. Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

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