Gamitopia have posted up a preview of Rails Across America. According to the preview, Rails Across America is a breath of fresh air for the saturated sims market. Focusing on gameply rather than micro-management, the result is a solid experience that will have you coming back for more. Heres a snip:

    There are three ways to get into a game of Rails Across America; two single and one multi player. Single players have either the "quick start" method, or the more detailed scenarios. The quick start is just're dropped onto a map in a random city, with random opponents, and a limited amount of game time (usually fifteen years). The scenario option allows you to select pre-made scenarios, or to set up an open-scenario game. The beta version used here only included two scenarios, but more are promised for the full version. The first time I played, I used the quick start method, which was fun for quick games and gave a good indication as to how the system worked. Scenarios are, of course, a bit more involved and less open than the quick start method, but no less fun.