Today GameGirlz has posted a review of Primal Prey, a first-person shooter game which takes you back to the time and the world of dinosaurs. In this game you play a time traveling dinosaur hunter who gets paid to go to hunt and capture dinosaurs. quote:

    "A Mission-based game is where you earn money as you complete different pre-set missions. The mission goals can be anything from capturing a live male Styracosaurus (for a weird Texas Rodeo in Mesquite Texas) to bringing back the body of a T-Rex for a gene research company. The missions are laid out into four episodes with six missions in each. In episode 1, your missions are to bring back various live dinosaurs or dino eggs. While the objectives of the first few missions in Episode 1 are quite easy, they provide a nice introduction to the game controls and allow you to earn money for purchasing new equipment and weapons. Since you start the game with a tranquilizer gun, you actually don't need to invest in any weapons right away."