Infinity Ward's creative strategist Robert Bowling, Treyarch's Josh Olin and Activision's Dan Amrich have all rubbished the suggestion that there will be an online subscription for COD.

A post on Robert Bowling's blog, in response to a recent video showing a possible MW2 subscription page says: "To be clear: There is not, and will never be, additional fees required to subscribe and play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer ... It does not however, prove a pay-to-play subscription model is in the works for Modern Warfare 2, because no such plan exists for this or any other Call of Duty (including the upcoming Black Ops)."

Dan Amrich also commented on the video, saying "There's a video that made the rounds today of a 360 player getting a glitchy, incomplete message that uses the phrase "Modern Warfare 2" and half of the word "membership." Uh oh -- does this mean Activision will start charging for COD multiplayer? No, it does not.

This video shows just a glitch -- since you can access a Live subscription renewal from within the MW2 game interface, it appears some data got jammed between two parts of Live. It's not a secret portal to some nefarious plot to charge people for COD multiplayer -- and there are no plans to do that."

Josh Olin via Twitter, said: "No, you will not have to 'Pay to Play' #CODBlackOps Multiplayer either. Rumor -> Squashed."

Thanks MCV.