Microsoft have announced details on the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack in the US. For $US 99.99 (approx £80), you will get four Xbox LIVE Gold Memberships for the price of two. Presumably this is specifically aimed at the upcoming Kinect add-on and to encourage families to get together and play other families around the world.

The Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack includes:

  • Up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for the price of two - (US) $99.99.

  • Family Center - a single, easy to use, destination for Family Settings and account management, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and on

  • The primary account member has the ability to purchase and dispense Microsoft Points to other Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members.

  • Activity monitoring reports viewable on to help encourage discussions about safer more balanced gaming and entertainment habits.

  • Simplified billing that applies all purchase charges to the primary account holder's billing account and the ability to authorize purchases, helping to manage the family's entertainment budget.

  • Exclusive family content and discounts.