SEGA have revealed Shogun 2: Total War, the next game in the Total War series from Creative Assembly.

The game takes place in Feudal Japan and is being touted as revolutionary, using Sun Tsu's famous Art of War texts as a basis for the games' combat.

The game will feature full 3D land and sea battles and a brand new AI system and takes place in a split Japan where the player takes on the goal of becoming the new Shogun by reuniting Japan under their leadership using military engagements, economics and diplomacy as required.

"Developing Shogun 2: Total War gives us the opportunity to use recent technology to portray one of history's most exciting civil wars." commented Mike Simpson, Creative Director at The Creative Assembly and father of the Total War franchise. "Ever since we developed Shogun: Total War 10 years ago, the team at The Creative Assembly has always dreamt of using our accumulated experience to revisit Total War in Feudal Japan."